Money is NOT the most important

This blog is primarily about money.

But I’ve got a shocker.

Money is not the most important thing!

But literacy about it is my advocacy because, whether we like it or not, money has huge impact in all areas of anyone’s life.

One of ate’s school assignment the other week was the life story of Leo Tolstoy. If you read his story, he came from a wealthy family but later on as his spirituality mature, he abandoned his wealth. That was perhaps the calling he discovered. Saint Francis of Assissi did that same thing. There’s nothing wrong with that. People are supposed to discover their calling to serve God best either through the “vow of poverty” or “vow of generosity.” You have the power to choose, remember your gift of free will?  Continue reading


What is a nice investment?

Simply put, how you live your life can be the nicest (best) investment you can ever have/do because this has impact in your present and future life as well as the afterlife (we believe in that) when your mission on earth is over.

Have you been living life out of “love,” regardless it’s Valentine’s day, or otherwise? I think that’s a very important review question that will dictate your purposes for investing.

While living in this planet, some investments will give you tears as exemplified  in the latest ad (below) of a company you partly-own 🙂 😉  [ sshh! Don’t tell anyone you own few Jollibee mascots 😉 that earn money during kiddie parties. ] Continue reading

Why I’m so hooked with money… and other whys…

After reading up to the bottom part, you should have an idea to answer the questions: (1/3)why I’m so hooked with money topics (teka. sino ba may ayaw sa pera? yung totoo, wag ka kaya plastic! 🙂  )?  (2/3)Why I introduced you to envelopes you sometimes would not want to use (sabi ng isa nawawala na daw 🙂 🙂   )? (3/3)Why you should take care of your talents/gifts and contribute them to the universe?

This video below is so far my favorite of the series of the latest of Bo’s online ministry entitled Backstage. It’s unique also because the crew is composed of just kids like you who are practicing their unique talents and gifts! (see that? you have the power to do anything! Find that talent and gifts! Usually that’s where you are good at.)  Continue reading

How my kid’s twenty pesos* is turning into millions?

I wanted to title this review as “My Kids invest in the Stock Market (
and why you & your kids should too?)” but I decided not; because it will just remind you of one of my favorite books “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market” written few years ago by Bo Sanchez.(get here the free eBook).

Last July 2016, as an update, one of his MAIDs already MADE her FIRST MILLION! Are you not amazed? How can someone with 7k salary set aside or make about 12k monthly to get 1M only after seven years? What the Bunso is doing can give you a clue … (read on)

Continue reading

Drugs and life

They don’t go together.

Oh well, “legal” drugs can extend life when used properly. But like money, if not used for good #purpose, can ruin your life. Isang halimbawa ang buhay ng noon ay sikat na si Andy Gibb. Para sa akin, he had a huge problem of money management because he threw away, some if not all of, his money on stuff that caused his self-destruction. Continue reading

Scammers in town. Again?

” You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why …”

Well, as previously pointed out, habang may patuloy na nagpapa-scam, may scammer. Sad truth ‘yan. So keep educating yourself kasi nagi-evolve ang scam.

Different faces, different situations, different schemes – pero ang surname “Scam.”  Kaya paulit-ulit din sila masasabihan ni Ron Weasly ng Harry Potter na “Wicked!”

Galing itong TIPS / Warning (see below) sa nagsabi sa akin na I can “Build Wealth on any Income.” And hey, you can, too! Continue reading

Being in a good company

Nagkaroon tayo ng ideya sa isang post (Dark side of money) kung paano ang buhay kapag nasa bad company ka.

Ang video naman sa ibaba ay magbibigay ng paliwag kung paano nakatutulong ang isang kapaligiran (mga kaibigan halimbawa) sa matuwid na paglago.

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Dark side of Money

The reason why I’m introducing you to money this early is for you to be good money managers with the right values as kids. Hopefully maging habit yan at madala ninyo as you become responsible adults.

Money should be earned and used for your own good and the people around you and God’s purpose. Alam n’yo na yan di ba? Ganyan ang mensahe sa “Why become rich?” kung naaalala n’yo pa.

I know it’s been a year pero dapat hindi yan makalimutan.

Especially, money has its dark side.

And it’s really unfortunate that money has its dark side.

Ipinapakita yan dito sa Discovery Channel’s documentary sa ibaba na nagkataon namang na-discover ko lang dahil sa Drug Trade investigation ng House of Representatives. Continue reading

Total Cash “Payment” (to yourself). How bank payment slips can help both kids and the not-so young?

Sa tingin ko, mahusay na idea na gamitin n’yo ang payment slips ng mga banko sa paglagak ng inyong savings para sa inyong investment accounts.

Ang dahilan ay mas mauunawaan ninyo ng husto ang konsepto ng pagbabayad muna sa sarili (pay yourself first kung tawagin sa Ingles; nabanggit din yan ni FQ Mom Tita Rose sa kanyang mensahe sa inyo).

Sa totoong buhay kasi, maraming tao ang madalas magbayad sa iba pero kinakalimutan at hindi binabayaran ang sarili.

Andyan ang bayaran nila ang mga may-ari ng Meralco (kuryente), Maynilad (tubig), bahay (na inuupahan o hinuhulugan), mga gumagawa at nagtitinda ng pagkain, mga nagbibigay ng serbisyo tulad ng tsuper ng jeepney at tricycle. Pero ang sarili hindi binabayaran.

Kasakiman ba na bayaran ang sarili? Continue reading

Buy and Hold

Buy and Hold ang strategy na ginamit ninyo nung bilhin n’yo ang mga companies and fund/s (FMETF, etc) na nasa portfolio ninyo sa ngayon.


Ang Election ay isang investment na “buy-and-hold” ang kailangang investing style (Photo taken: St. Peregrine Laziosi Shrine – Muntinlupa City)


Sakto sa inyo ang “buy and hold” strategy dahil long-term naman ang investments ninyo. 30 years, remember? Tapos meron na ang bawat isa ng halos Php 6 Million na sakaling marating ninyo, ay ipinagdarasal ko na hindi makasira sa inyong mga pagkatao balang araw.


Katangian ng ‘buy and hold’ – Continue reading