Being in a good company

Nagkaroon tayo ng ideya sa isang post (Dark side of money) kung paano ang buhay kapag nasa bad company ka.

Ang video naman sa ibaba ay magbibigay ng paliwag kung paano nakatutulong ang isang kapaligiran (mga kaibigan halimbawa) sa matuwid na paglago.

Choose first what you want to achieve. Ask “what I want to happen?” Then hang out with the people who share your wishes.

VISION for BMW car in the next 100 years… Anong gusto mo paglaki mo? Anong gusto mo maging? Ano ka pagdating ng araw? Kailangan kasinglinaw ng picture ang sagot mo. ]

If you want to be in the bilibid someday, hang out with criminals.
Kung gusto mo ma-Oplan Tokhang (para mapagsabihan, makulong o mapatay) one day, hang out with drug addicts and drug pushers.
If you wish to play the guitar, hang out with those who are good with it.
Kung gusto matutunan ang Taekwondo, hang out and train with those who are skilled with it.
Pag gusto maging good investor and become rich, hang out with great investors like Warren Buffet who knows what good companies to buy and keep for the long-term.
If you want meaningful life, hang out with Jesus.
We have so many choices, remember?

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