Untimely death – No one is protected from it


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Yesterday’s TV caught my attention while Jessica Soho was featuring a young man who died of liver cancer.

Then her story switched to an award-winning celebrity chef Hasset Go who happened to be the brother of that young man. He looked familiar to me being a GMA7 audience myself.

[Note: being an avid audience of the company, among other reasons, was a determining factor for deciding months back to get minority (very few affordable) shares  🙂   of the company and I did not sell even it went down around 20% anyway it gave me about 4% in dividends, the highest among its peers;  and as the PSEi closed at 7,324.40 today, GMA7 has recovered to minus 2.21% and this will rally further as Presidential election advertisements add to its revenues. Besides, the company is further assured that Tape, Inc can continue to pay its block time given the #aldub phenomenon.]

Heaven’s strenght

It turned out that Hasset contracted the same illness.

From the handsome man, the next footage that followed was devastating. Shown was a frail person, bedridden and hardly able to speak. But behind that man was a strong spirit. Still able to motivate the viewers especially those of same medical condition and his family. I believe that strength must’ve come from heaven!

Hasset demonstrated a very powerful message how an unwavering faith should look like despite his seemingly hopeless condition. As his mother Lorelei narrated, Hasset told them “lahat ng ito pagsubok lang. Isipin mo na lang na may Panginoon. Siya ang nagko-control sa ating lahat. Hindi natin alam kung ano’ng plano niya sa family natin. Basta huwag lang … (tayo) bibitiw “

Unfortunately, Chef Hasset Go’s feeble body released its final breath on October 24, 2015 (two days before my birthday). He was 29. [see full story here or watch the #KMJS video below]

Who’s to blame?

Some people will perhaps wonder. Continue reading