Developing an Overflow Mentality

Why it’s important to have an overflow mentality?

It is because whatever you think most of the time, whatever you focuses on, whatever you set your mind to, eventually becomes your reality.

Do you notice in yourself that your thoughts affect the way you see things? Direct how you should feel? Influence the words that come out from your mouth? Then lead to your actions? Before you know it, these repeated actions become a habit. A pattern that transform to certain behavior. Then there is your character and destiny.

The moment you discern that your calling is either a vow of poverty or a vow of generosity, set your mind to your choice and work (the action part) all the best you can to achieve your purpose in life.

The path I’m recommending is the vow of generosity because, I believe, there is lesser problem and stress with having more money than having no money.

There’s better chance doing more good things by having more money than less money. Lesser resources limits your ability to act boldly in blessing other people through you. Don’t you think so?

Yesterday, as I was walking towards home, I shook my head in sadness as two women were talking.

Woman: Ibebenta ko ang sapatos ko. (I’m selling my shoes).
Older woman: Bakit? (Why?)
Woman: Wala kaming pangkain, natalo sa bingo eh. Ayoko na talaga! (We’ve got nothing to eat. I gambled the money and lost. I’m stopping already!)

I hope that woman stay true to her decision to stop gambling any money for basic necessities. I’m sure there are other issues causing her state of poverty as they’re among those who take shelter in the sidewalk. But one reason, I believe, is this: that woman has never considered the overflow/abundance mindset. If she continue thinking poor because that’s how she looks at her condition, she’ll never consider the possibility of rising up from that disappointing situation to claim her more-than-enough potential.

I encourage you to listen to this material below from Joel Osteen. Some people hate him and accuse him false prophet for his motivational style of preaching the Gospel of Christ. But I don’t care much about the messenger (Joel is a Protestant and I’m Catholic) for as long as the “message” leads me towards living the fruit of the spirit such as: pag-ibig/love, kagalakan/joy, kapayapaan/peace, pagtitiis/patience, kabutihan/kindness, kagandahang-loob/goodness, katapatan/faithfulness, kahinahunan/humility, pagpipigil sa sarili/self-control).

There’s more to gain listening to the guy rather than listening to those who say negative things about him with the invitation that I condemn the guy. I can’t seem to locate where this (condemning the guy encouragement) should fit in the list of “fruits” above. On judgement day, we will all face the true and rightful judge. I’ll let Him do that.

[Watch/Listen: Develop an overflow mentality by Joel Osteen (YouTube)]

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Dark side of Money

The reason why I’m introducing you to money this early is for you to be good money managers with the right values as kids. Hopefully maging habit yan at madala ninyo as you become responsible adults.

Money should be earned and used for your own good and the people around you and God’s purpose. Alam n’yo na yan di ba? Ganyan ang mensahe sa “Why become rich?” kung naaalala n’yo pa.

I know it’s been a year pero dapat hindi yan makalimutan.

Especially, money has its dark side.

And it’s really unfortunate that money has its dark side.

Ipinapakita yan dito sa Discovery Channel’s documentary sa ibaba na nagkataon namang na-discover ko lang dahil sa Drug Trade investigation ng House of Representatives. Continue reading


Kinakaharap ng lahat ng tao ang ‘choice’ (pagpili).

Walang nakakaiwas d’yan. Kahit kasi ayawin mo mamili (mag-choice) at sinasabing “wala akong choice,” eh yan mismong sinasabing ganyan, yan na ang mismong choice!

So, no choice is a choice!  Wag yan kakalimutan 🙂

Bakit mahalaga rin na maunawaan yan?

Kasi ang totoo mahirap gumawa ng choice marami man ang pagpipilian o kahit kakaunti lamang.

Personally, mas gusto kong mamili kung mas maraming options or resources (choices).

Okay lang para sa akin ang malito kaysa naman sumakit ang ulo dahil kulang ang options or resources.

Mas mahirap, sa ganang akin lang naman, kung kakaunti lang ang pagpipilian (choices).

Lalo na kung kakaunti lang ang pera, pero kailangan talaga ang pagkagastusan. Di ba halimbawa pa lang yan, masakit na sa ulo isipin?

Think scarcity when spending!

Sa mundo ng Economics kasi umiiral ang tinatawag na scarcity (o yung tila ba unlimited human wants in a world of limited resources).

Mainam na isaisip yang scarcity pagdating sa usapin ng gastusin (spending) kasi mas magiging wise (wa-is) ka sa paggastos. Bibili ba ng gown or magre-rent na lang? Saan pa ba pwede makakita ng mabibilhan ng mas mura? (okay yan, magka-canvass pa kayo ng classmate).  P’wede pa kaya magamit yung pinaglumaan ni ate para sa first communion ni bunso? Well, kahit di naman tight ang budget, kailangan ang mga ganyang tanong.

Mahalagang ma-consider ang mga ganyan katanungan para Continue reading