How stock ownership works?

(Image from Humboldt State University; in an article by Dr. Gayle Olson-Raymer, a History lecturer)

I found this inside story –ย Messages between Mark Zuckerberg and Marc Andreessen surface in Facebook lawsuit (link here) – that came out about nine months ago.

This is an old news but this gives you an idea how “stock ownership” works.

Of course, we know very well that by buying a small chunk of ownership as minority owners, in your case, of local companies such as Jollibee, Meralco, SM mall, BPI, etcetera – your tiny ownership has a voice! Continue reading


Who wants Palawan vacation for two?

Bunso won the raffled grand prize (worth P33k for two nights Club Paradise-Palawan accommodation) during the PSE Bullrun event last January.

We don’t find ourselves doing a Palawan vacation this year so we’re looking to transfer this prize to someone else. ย We’ll endorse this certificate to the highest bidder. Just PM. ๐Ÿ™‚

If ever, bunso plans to add the proceeds to her stock market investments. Any takers?



Why bet on the Philippines? And why you can’t be careless?

Here’s a very timely video presentation that explains why, if you’re a Filipino, you should ride through the country’s growth story not only as observer on the sideline; but more importantly as an investor.

One doesn’t need to have so much in order to invest! Can you save 20 pesos like the #2daughters? That little amount can actually turn into millions. If that blows your mind, read this! Now, if you don’t know how to save, I can tell for certain you’re highly likely to remain an observer on the sideline wondering how on earth the Philippine economy rocketed itself to the moon, when that imminent economic prosperity arrives. In fact, non-Filipinos are recognizing this and positioning themselves not to be left out.

Let me warn you though. When used alone, this idea of not being left out is the same motivation that gets people scammed. Make sure to understand what you’re getting into. I would even challenge you to validate everything that’s posted in this blog. Don’t believe me right away! That’s the right attitude before parting with your money, even if that’s just PHP 20 (pesos). In one story, someone lost a lot of money for failing to fact check  [complete story here]. Don’t copy that same story into your life, please!

What follows are additional guidelines that should protect you from trouble.

Deal only with legitimate stockbrokers. In our community that provides stock market investing guidance, our preference is the leading online stock brokerage company in the country today.

It’s not enough that the company you are dealing with has SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Registration certificate. Ask for the “secondary license” that allows them to sell investments. Aman Futures that scammed billions of pesos from thousands of Pinoys including government officials only had SEC registration! Actually even a licensed stockbroker(person) needs sponsorship of a licensed stockbrokerage firm (like Colfinancial, Bpitrade, etc.) in order for any transaction to be legal.

For your protection, only open an account with a licensed stockbrokerage firm. Like when you open a typical bank account, you deal only with the bank itself or its authorized representative.

Pay directly to the stockbrokerage firm. Of course, there should be an official receipt if you do this. For online accounts, you have an option to deposit your “consumable” initial amount/payment only after the approval of you stockbrokerage account. You will know your account has been approved upon your receipt via email of your username and password.

You would know you are being scammed if there is a guaranteed return! By law, any licensed stockbroker(person) or authorized representative of a stockbrokerage firm, is prohibited from guaranteeing stock investment returns. If you’re offered any investments (stocks or otherwise) and there’s guaranteed returns, run away as fast as you can!!

Be informed and stay updated with any of your investments. If you think the company you bought no longer serves your purpose based on your qualifications for buying them, discard them and move on. If you think you need guidance, you may join our community that advocates that “the true purpose of wealth is to serve others.”

I told you not to believe me, right? Learn more from Philippine Stocks Exchange:

Postscript 1/2: Sourced from PSE Facebook page, and Colfinancial FB page and YouTube channel.

Postscript 2/2: If you want to have financial wealth and spiritual abundance at the same time, journey with this community!


[Crush is natural human experience like investing. But both can be disastrous in the short-term ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy both journey keeping sight of longer time horizon.Labyu!]

I’m borrowing a drawing from the bunso’s Facebook post. The comic strip has been altered for the purpose of this post.  I’m yet to see if this is her notebook or her classmate’s when I see the #kidinvestors in few days.

I’m not surprised if she knows the word crush now. Before she even learned of that word, I already discovered she had a crush on someone at a very young age.

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Why the heck I need to invest?!

I overheard two friends in a coffeeshop.

Question: Are you considering passive income that can sustain you when active income stops?

Answer: Yes

Then you need to invest!

I did not get this point early on. For two decades, I have been working. Spending. Working and spending. Then it came to my senses.

What if I can NO LONGER work?

Can my spending stop because I’ve got no more work?

The hard truth hit me: my spending only stops when I’m dead! When dead, I would even incur expenses for a decent funeral.

And so I realized. Sure, I must spend now. Enjoy life with my expenses right now and enjoy my salary. But I should never neglect my future self. You live only once (yolo) – both in the present and in the future.

I imagined the worst. The future self that is stamped with “unfit to work” or unfit to do any productive business!

Without (active) income, I would rely to others. I don’t like that kawawang picture of myself.

Let me tell you about my daily commute.

I use a connecting flight. Continue reading

It’s your behavior, stupid!

I don’t mean to be mean in this essay. But if this hurts you, please just forgive me.

Then thank me after especially if this knocks off some sense to you that you’re suddenly fired up with actually doing your saving and investing plan in whatever favorite asset/s you may find. [At sana lang, gagawin mo talaga ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

Execution or “actually doing something as you intended” is the behavior part of anything you want accomplished.

Just doing it!

The daughters are not very much aware yet that with the tiny amounts they buy for specific stocks / fund right now, they are actually paying more for the cost of buying their favorite stocks; but I don’t stop them.ย  Continue reading

Stock market wisdom

If you are a Colfinancial client, you must have already read this from your inbox.

I find this worth sharing even for those non-clients because this founder’s letter is actually encouraging #financialLiteracy. I share their dream of helping every Filipino become rich!

People just do not realize there is a way. Continue reading

What is a nice investment?

Simply put, how you live your life can be the nicest (best) investment you can ever have/do because this has impact in your present and future life as well as the afterlife (we believe in that) when your mission on earth is over.

Have you been living life out of “love,” regardless it’s Valentine’s day, or otherwise? I think that’s a very important review question that will dictate your purposes for investing.

While living in this planet, some investments will give you tears as exemplified ย in the latest ad (below) of a company you partly-own ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย [ sshh! Don’t tell anyone you own few Jollibee mascots ๐Ÿ˜‰ that earn money during kiddie parties. ] Continue reading

Why I’m so hooked with money… and other whys…

After reading up to the bottom part, you should have an idea to answer the questions: (1/3)why I’m so hooked with money topics (teka. sino ba may ayaw sa pera? yung totoo, wag ka kaya plastic! ๐Ÿ™‚ ย )? ย (2/3)Why I introduced you to envelopes you sometimes would not want to use (sabi ng isa nawawala na daw ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ย  )? (3/3)Why you should take care of your talents/gifts and contribute them to the universe?

This video below is so far my favorite of the series of the latest of Bo’s online ministry entitled Backstage. It’s unique also because the crew is composed of just kids like you who are practicing their unique talents and gifts! (see that? you have the power to do anything! Find that talent and gifts! Usually that’s where you are good at.)ย  Continue reading

How my kid’s twenty pesos* is turning into millions?

I wanted to title this review as “My Kids invest in the Stock Market (
and why you & your kids should too?)” but I decided not; because it will just remind you of one of my favorite books “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market” written few years ago by Bo Sanchez.(getย hereย the freeย eBook).

Last July 2016, as an update, one of his MAIDs already MADE her FIRST MILLION! Are you not amazed? How can someone with 7k salary set aside or make about 12k monthly to get 1M only after seven years? What the Bunso is doing can give you a clue … (read on)

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