Why be an eternal student?



Many people think that once you earn a degree by finishing college, you stop studying.

I also thought it was that way.

But after landing work after work, I would still find myself in orientations and training and refreshers year after year. Studying. Reviewing. Trying to pass exams to get good grades. It was like I didn’t finish college at all! Sometimes I find them bad; but more often, looking back now, they provided me more of the good stuff I didn’t realize I have and I can do after every learning sessions.

Stephen Covey called this “sharpening the saw” in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People materials. It is simply as simple as sharpening your pencil. You can only put your pencil to good use if you sharpen it, right? You don’t particularly feel as good and effective with your writing if you have a pudpud (un-sharpened) pencil. And you don’t want to use an un-sharpened pencil. And oftentimes, you lose that pencil.

It’s the same thing with your muscles and your brains.

You get weak when you don’t exercise (using your muscles).

You get dumb when you don’t use your brains — via learning or reading or  writing or thinking good thoughts, for example.  Continue reading


Freedom from poverty

I believe that from the very beginning, people were destined to be free from poverty. Until one day our original parents exercised wrongly their gift of free will. 

Fast forward thousands of years thereafter, we are witnessing the horrible situation of the world we are in today. 

Racism is resurrecting in the West. North Korea threatening a nuclear war. Drug war in the Philippines killing a grade 11 student. Stock markets getting more volatile. What else do you see in the news?

Some people despair but I choose to think with those who try to make this world a better place while alive. One effective method that works for me is through (positive) declarations.

Here are some declarations in my collection that have been very helpful to me in getting through each day. They’re especially helpful during rough days; they get you on track.

 I like who God made me. He loves me, and I am special to Him. I have gifts and abilities that He has given me, and I am thankful for them. I also have weaknesses, but I trust God to show His strength in these areas. I have been made right with God through Jesus Christ. I can do nothing without Him, but I can do all things through Him. (Psalm 139:14; Romans 8:39,12:6; Jeremiah 1:5; 2 Corinthians 5:21,12:9; Philippians 4:13)

Here’s another one.

Know the truth and be set free (John 8:32) to live a life of abundance (John 10:10) Jesus died to give you because God loves you and want your joy to be complete (John 16:24)

Memorize them. 

They are life-changing. I got them, by the way, from the literature of Joyce Meyer. (Image above taken from bible.com app).

PostScript: If you need help maintaining an abundance mindset to claim your freedom from poverty, join this community.

Developing an Overflow Mentality

Why it’s important to have an overflow mentality?

It is because whatever you think most of the time, whatever you focuses on, whatever you set your mind to, eventually becomes your reality.

Do you notice in yourself that your thoughts affect the way you see things? Direct how you should feel? Influence the words that come out from your mouth? Then lead to your actions? Before you know it, these repeated actions become a habit. A pattern that transform to certain behavior. Then there is your character and destiny.

The moment you discern that your calling is either a vow of poverty or a vow of generosity, set your mind to your choice and work (the action part) all the best you can to achieve your purpose in life.

The path I’m recommending is the vow of generosity because, I believe, there is lesser problem and stress with having more money than having no money.

There’s better chance doing more good things by having more money than less money. Lesser resources limits your ability to act boldly in blessing other people through you. Don’t you think so?

Yesterday, as I was walking towards home, I shook my head in sadness as two women were talking.

Woman: Ibebenta ko ang sapatos ko. (I’m selling my shoes).
Older woman: Bakit? (Why?)
Woman: Wala kaming pangkain, natalo sa bingo eh. Ayoko na talaga! (We’ve got nothing to eat. I gambled the money and lost. I’m stopping already!)

I hope that woman stay true to her decision to stop gambling any money for basic necessities. I’m sure there are other issues causing her state of poverty as they’re among those who take shelter in the sidewalk. But one reason, I believe, is this: that woman has never considered the overflow/abundance mindset. If she continue thinking poor because that’s how she looks at her condition, she’ll never consider the possibility of rising up from that disappointing situation to claim her more-than-enough potential.

I encourage you to listen to this material below from Joel Osteen. Some people hate him and accuse him false prophet for his motivational style of preaching the Gospel of Christ. But I don’t care much about the messenger (Joel is a Protestant and I’m Catholic) for as long as the “message” leads me towards living the fruit of the spirit such as: pag-ibig/love, kagalakan/joy, kapayapaan/peace, pagtitiis/patience, kabutihan/kindness, kagandahang-loob/goodness, katapatan/faithfulness, kahinahunan/humility, pagpipigil sa sarili/self-control).

There’s more to gain listening to the guy rather than listening to those who say negative things about him with the invitation that I condemn the guy. I can’t seem to locate where this (condemning the guy encouragement) should fit in the list of “fruits” above. On judgement day, we will all face the true and rightful judge. I’ll let Him do that.

[Watch/Listen: Develop an overflow mentality by Joel Osteen (YouTube)]

PS. If you want to immerse yourself in a life-changing kind of thinking, you may join our community where you can gain an overflow in all areas of your life.

Attribution: video/audio from YouTube; images from constantcontact.com and pinterest.com

Give all your money to the poor. Will you follow?

Others may feel differently. But for someone studying personal finance & investing like me who also would like to transfer the right knowledge and values to #2daughters, I find the story of the the rich man who consulted the Savior, very disturbing! It’s as if I’m in a dead-end, staring at a brick wall seeing some writing on the wall (like the image above). It seemed like all stuff I am discovering up to now will eventually end up useless!

What?! Sell my possessions and give the money to the poor?! Perhaps everyone, whether rich or poor at this very moment, will do the exact same thing the rich man did. He went away, was sad and grieved for he had great possessions. Honestly? I think even the poor would do that. 

I do. I don’t have great possessions yet. And with very little resources, I would question, why should I give to others when what I have is not even enough for me? I can not give what I don’t have! Hello?! In case I sell whatever I have, I’d rather use the proceeds which will definitely be insufficient still. Ako muna bago sila! (Me first before them!). Isn’t that how people, by nature, misbehave? 

Thankfully, I found this sensible note I can agree with. It reads:

“What does your money mean to you? Although Jesus wanted this man to sell everything and give his money to the poor, this does not mean that all believers should sell all their possessions. Most of his followers did not sell everything, although they used their possessions to serve others. Instead, this story shows us that we must not let anything we have or desire keep us from following Jesus. We must remove all barriers to serving him fully. If Jesus asked, could you give up your house? Your car? Your level of income? Your position on the ladder of promotion? Your reaction may show your attitude toward money-whether it is your servant or your master.”

(Above commentary is from the Life Application Study Bible, page 1436; published by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.)

Therefore, having possessions and having the money or the lack of them is not the issue. Being rich or poor is not the issue. My attitude is the issue. Your attitude is the issue. No matter which strata you are in, in this society and generation, right now, while you’re reading up to this paragraph. 

This, I think, is the reason why there’s a saying “money is the acid-test of character” (credit to whoever said that). I once heard Francis Kong in a TV interview said that “money problem is an attitude problem.” Often because people misplace money in their lives. Money should always be a servant, and never a master, of our lives. May God help me to always keep that top-of-the-mind awareness.

Postscript 1/2: You can read the whole story of this rich man who was so attached to his great possessions in the link below:

Looking at the man, Jesus felt genuine love for him. “There is still one thing you haven’t done,” he told him. “Go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”
Mark 10:21 NLT (http://bible.com/116/mrk.10.21.NLT )

PostScript 2/2: Incidentally, I am part of a community that teaches that the ultimate purpose of wealth/money is to love and serve others. See for yourself if you fit, click this now!

Why I’m so hooked with money… and other whys…

After reading up to the bottom part, you should have an idea to answer the questions: (1/3)why I’m so hooked with money topics (teka. sino ba may ayaw sa pera? yung totoo, wag ka kaya plastic! 🙂  )?  (2/3)Why I introduced you to envelopes you sometimes would not want to use (sabi ng isa nawawala na daw 🙂 🙂   )? (3/3)Why you should take care of your talents/gifts and contribute them to the universe?

This video below is so far my favorite of the series of the latest of Bo’s online ministry entitled Backstage. It’s unique also because the crew is composed of just kids like you who are practicing their unique talents and gifts! (see that? you have the power to do anything! Find that talent and gifts! Usually that’s where you are good at.)  Continue reading

“Save” more from “Spend”?

Si Ate pala ay may savings pa rin taken from the supposed “Spend” envelop?

Confession n’ya yan while we were on #JFC ice cream and value meal date the other day – matapos makabili ng (a) ibang school supplies (world map, etc) for her school project, (b) some stuffs (small chunks of nuggets, ham and hotdog) from #PGOLD, and (c) a minimum boardlot of 10 shares of #BPI stocks for about nine hundred pesos only.

Yan ay bukod sa kanyang (allowance) savings na ipinahahawak sa akin to be deposited as her payment sa kanyang future self through her investment account.

Natuwa ako dahil mukhang nagiging habit na ang pag-save. Ito lang kasi ang tanging paraan para makapag-invest ang isang tao.

Concerned lang ako. Continue reading

Gaano ka kasuwerte?

Kung nakakapag-school ka at hindi kailangan maglakad ng isang oras papunta at isang oras pabalik, di ba swerte ka?

Kung may baon ka at di kailangan mag-ulam ng asin, di ba swerte rin yan?

Kung hindi ka sa kuweba kailangan tumira kasama ang mga wild animals tulad ng ahas, swerte din bang matatawag yan?

Ang nasa ibaba (press “F5” key kung wala ang video ng #KMJS) ay isa sa mga nakakalungkot na kuwentong napanood ko: Continue reading

Lagi magpasalamat

Dapat laging pahalagahan ito: Being grateful.

Parati magpasalamat. May pera man o wala.

Kasi nga naman kung complainer (mareklamo) ka, lalo lamang lalayo sa’yo ang grasya (blessings)! Kaya para makasigurong lalapitan ka ng blessings, alam mo na ang gagawin mo. 🙂

May kasabihan akong nabasa noon na “gratefulness leads to contentment and abundance.”

Be very blessed by watching this life-changing discussions about gratefulness and other important life values: Continue reading

Paano iiwas sa scam?

Listen to this victim from a latest news story:

“First, I invested P50,000, which grew to P60,000,” said the victim, a government employee who invested the money …

“The victim added that he was told that his initial investment was used to buy shares in San Miguel Corp., a claim that he could not verify. Although unverified, he decided to “roll over” the P60,000 and, in a span of three months, was told that it grew to P100,000.”

May mali di ba?

Sinabihan s’ya na ibinili ng stocks ng San MIguel Corp (SMC) pero di n’ya ma-verify kung totoo. Nagtiwala pa rin. Ipinasok pa rin lahat ng pera (principal at tubo nito). Sinabihan ulit s’ya, at malamang di na naman nai-verify, na yung P60k n’ya ay naging P100k na! Pagkatapos, lumabas na ang news story.

Ang totoo, paulit-ulit na lang ang ganito (check “Further reading” sa ibaba).



Ano ang gagawin ko? Continue reading

Daloy ng pera

Dumadaloy ang pera kaya madalas tawagin itong “cashflow.”

Masayang isipin kung dumadaloy ito patungo sa’yo (inflow). Pero kung bumabaha ang paglabas ng pera (outflow), puwede maging miserable ang buhay ng isang tao.


Dahil marunong na kayo magsulat ng journal, may nahanap ako pwede n’yo magamit para sa inyong intentional awareness ukol sa pagdaloy ng grasya kahit allowance (at kaunting EARNings) pa lang yan sa ngayon.

Madali lang kasi “fill in the blanks” lang s’ya.

Pwede n’yo itong balik-balikan para makita ang inyong progress habang tumatakbo ang panahon. Ang totoo, malaking bagay din sa akin ang journal na ito. Hindi lang kasi s’ya pambata.

Kung seryoso ka sa tinatawag na financial stewardship (pangangalaga ng pinansyal na grasyang kaloob ng Maylikha sa atin), maige na balik-balikan ang fill-in-the-blanks na journal na ito.

I-click (sa ibaba) para makita ang Journal:

  • Nagalak ka ba sa pinagkagastusan mo kamakailan? Bakit?
  • Alin sa mga ginastusan mo ang pinagsisisihan mo ngayon? Bakit?
  • May spending habit/s ka ba na kailangan i-improve? Paano ang plano?
  • Paano ka pa makakapag-save?
  • Kapag malungkot(naiiyak)ka o masama pakiramdam mo, ano ang mga mabuting bagay na maari mong magawa na hindi mo kailangan gumastos ng pera?

Continue reading