What is a nice investment?

Simply put, how you live your life can be the nicest (best) investment you can ever have/do because this has impact in your present and future life as well as the afterlife (we believe in that) when your mission on earth is over.

Have you been living life out of “love,” regardless it’s Valentine’s day, or otherwise? I think that’s a very important review question that will dictate your purposes for investing.

While living in this planet, some investments will give you tears as exemplified  in the latest ad (below) of a company you partly-own 🙂 😉  [ sshh! Don’t tell anyone you own few Jollibee mascots 😉 that earn money during kiddie parties. ]

In this mediated reality, the bride was one of the best man’s bad investments (sa mga bitter, worst investment daw; of course, #JFC will always be a profitable business and therefore a good investment so keep on buying its shares hangga’t gusto natin um-order ng chickenjoy at French fries, Chowking, Greenich, Mang Inasal and Red Ribbon products!).

But apparently he has moved on as he even had the courage to participate in the wedding. I imagine the attendees gossiping about the best man instead of listening to the priest.

My message is: you always move on from any bad investment and learn from it.

Bad investing is a reality.

Powerful learning happens when you’ve experienced that reality. But it’s always wiser to learn from experienced and reliable mentors to increase your chance of avoiding bad investments.

A 5-step guide is suggested in “No Nonsense Personal Finance” book by Randell Tiongson but as #kidInvestors I would like you to just focus on items 1, 2 and 5 for now because I’m taking care of items 3 and 4.

(1) have a good cashflow (or improve it),

(2) ‘Wag na umutang. Stay out of debt (or get out of it),

(3) build an emergency fund,

(4) get protected from life’s risks such as sickness(health insurance) and untimely death of breadwinner/s(life insurance),

(5) invest for your future. Once you reach that future with around Php 7Million each, you can set another future milestone/goal still with the use of investing. So you see that investing doesnt stop with just one goal, investing is a lifelong journey because the future value of your money will always be eaten by the savage inflation

 photo Steps_zpscaa6be8e.png

Proper spending plan (or budgeting) and faithful execution of that plan is the key to a disciplined investing and good cashflow. The #save, #spend, and #donate envelopes are important tools towards this end.

An invitation: If you want to improve your financial life but clueless how it can be done, be part of our crusade.


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