Money is NOT the most important

This blog is primarily about money.

But I’ve got a shocker.

Money is not the most important thing!

But literacy about it is my advocacy because, whether we like it or not, money has huge impact in all areas of anyone’s life.

One of ate’s school assignment the other week was the life story of Leo Tolstoy. If you read his story, he came from a wealthy family but later on as his spirituality mature, he abandoned his wealth. That was perhaps the calling he discovered. Saint Francis of Assissi did that same thing. There’s nothing wrong with that. People are supposed to discover their calling to serve God best either through the “vow of poverty” or “vow of generosity.” You have the power to choose, remember your gift of free will? 

Here’s the thing. Both of these vows would still require money in one way or another. How do you think Mother Theresa, who has chosen the vow of poverty, could have helped millions of suffering people thru her ministries without the donations (money) from good people? She combined both vows! I really think she knew how money works! Thus #financialLiteracy (how money works) should be in everyone’s consciousness. Just don’t make your money your god.

When your wealth increases, don’t make it the center of your life. – The Psalmist said this. But you know what? There’s the tendency for some people to make “little wealth” or “the lack of it” ALSO the center of their lives! So whether rich or poor, there’s a possibility you’ll lose focus on God if you are not intentional about it.

Watch Bo Sanchez explain if money is really important. I’m one with him in helping good (Godly) people become rich because I believe that’s the only way money can be used for God’s purposes. If you believe in this cause, you may join the life-changing revolution towards abundance!


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