How my kid’s twenty pesos* is turning into millions?

I wanted to title this review as “My Kids invest in the Stock Market (
and why you & your kids should too?)” but I decided not; because it will just remind you of one of my favorite books “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market” written few years ago by Bo Sanchez.(get here the free eBook).

Last July 2016, as an update, one of his MAIDs already MADE her FIRST MILLION! Are you not amazed? How can someone with 7k salary set aside or make about 12k monthly to get 1M only after seven years? What the Bunso is doing can give you a clue … (read on)

Well, my kids are still on their way to their first million each and they’re making traction.

There’s actually no secret to Bo’s maid making 1M. Nor to my kids’ first million in the near future.

One powerful behavior my kids just need to pursue is: to be consistent about #saving at least *Php 20 per school day. That’s how simple it is! What’s not simple, for kids and adults alike, is the #discipline to be consistent about saving!

Pagbabalik-tanaw: One year of stock market

Look at the actual example below. After one year, here’s what has happened with bunso’s EFFORT to save in order to buy ownership of the likes of her favorite fastfood chain.


Even if I’m half-wrong with my projections, Bunso’s portfolio will still be worth millions!

I showed her that even if she stops right now saving 20 pesos, with only 12 thousand spread across humongous corporations, she will still get over 2Million pesos by the time she’s almost my age (see the left side of green photo above; note: I just have few penny, not few millions, at my age right now 😦   ).

But the Bunso doesn’t want to stop saving. (Too bad for me! What bunso does, ate does also and vice versa. Therefore, I will continue to struggle fighting over the temptation to touch their savings that are not yet deposited in their respective stockbrokerage accounts! Whew!  😥   )

So, we can reasonably expect, at the minimum, she and her Ate will be multimillionaire each, after just over two decades (see the right side of the green photo above)!

I can see they are excited. What they don’t know is I’m more than excited for them! 🙂 😉

Note: This piece satisfies the promise I made in the post below. If you also want to make a tree that can give you and others a shade later on, out of butongpakwan, start saving now;  get mentor/s like this one we are getting guidance from.


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