Any creation is always accompanied by a manual. 

A car has a manual so that when it malfunctions, the repair technician will know how to fix the trouble. The manual also teaches how to maintain the car to keep it in good running condition so it can get you to places especially your desired destination. 

Your cellphone has a manual, too! It gives the assurance you can know its proper use, its features and continue enjoying them using the internet,  as from time to time, your cellphone hangs and encounters all sorts of unexpected problems. 

Do you know that your life has a manual, too? Like a car or a cellphone, you are a creation – with a purpose, too! Sometimes it’s difficult to know it; and it may take a while to know what your purpose is for being here. But  I AM SURE that you are intended to be uselful. What are cars and/or cellphones, that are all over the place wherever you look, if they’re of no use? 

Know this. Just keep on looking until you find your usefulness! When problems come your way, you may feel broken and destroyed but you can be repaired. Thanks to your (repair) manual! Your life manual has also sufficient instructions how you can maintain a good & meaningful life. 

And yes, including how to create & maintain good finances – example of this is the 7.5 Million goal of each of you that’s coming your way in few years! Thanks to the guidance of an awesome community!

That’s why, financial or otherwise,  you always hear me tell you that you can live and enjoy a fantastic life to the full! Check your manual, that promise is there!

Just keep reading it everyday of your life not only during the mass or religion classes – even if you don’t feel like reading it at times. 

Oh, well. Thankfully, you can also watch its movie adaptation I recently discovered (see below).

Tell you something. Daddy is convinced that your (life/repair) manual is the best source of financial wisdom! It is popularly called as …

The Bible 1:

The Bible 2:

The Bible 3:

The Bible 4:

Attribution: Image from; Gospel of Jesus facebook page for the videos.

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Give all your money to the poor. Will you follow?

Others may feel differently. But for someone studying personal finance & investing like me who also would like to transfer the right knowledge and values to #2daughters, I find the story of the the rich man who consulted the Savior, very disturbing! It’s as if I’m in a dead-end, staring at a brick wall seeing some writing on the wall (like the image above). It seemed like all stuff I am discovering up to now will eventually end up useless!

What?! Sell my possessions and give the money to the poor?! Perhaps everyone, whether rich or poor at this very moment, will do the exact same thing the rich man did. He went away, was sad and grieved for he had great possessions. Honestly? I think even the poor would do that. 

I do. I don’t have great possessions yet. And with very little resources, I would question, why should I give to others when what I have is not even enough for me? I can not give what I don’t have! Hello?! In case I sell whatever I have, I’d rather use the proceeds which will definitely be insufficient still. Ako muna bago sila! (Me first before them!). Isn’t that how people, by nature, misbehave? 

Thankfully, I found this sensible note I can agree with. It reads:

“What does your money mean to you? Although Jesus wanted this man to sell everything and give his money to the poor, this does not mean that all believers should sell all their possessions. Most of his followers did not sell everything, although they used their possessions to serve others. Instead, this story shows us that we must not let anything we have or desire keep us from following Jesus. We must remove all barriers to serving him fully. If Jesus asked, could you give up your house? Your car? Your level of income? Your position on the ladder of promotion? Your reaction may show your attitude toward money-whether it is your servant or your master.”

(Above commentary is from the Life Application Study Bible, page 1436; published by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.)

Therefore, having possessions and having the money or the lack of them is not the issue. Being rich or poor is not the issue. My attitude is the issue. Your attitude is the issue. No matter which strata you are in, in this society and generation, right now, while you’re reading up to this paragraph. 

This, I think, is the reason why there’s a saying “money is the acid-test of character” (credit to whoever said that). I once heard Francis Kong in a TV interview said that “money problem is an attitude problem.” Often because people misplace money in their lives. Money should always be a servant, and never a master, of our lives. May God help me to always keep that top-of-the-mind awareness.

Postscript 1/2: You can read the whole story of this rich man who was so attached to his great possessions in the link below:

Looking at the man, Jesus felt genuine love for him. “There is still one thing you haven’t done,” he told him. “Go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”
Mark 10:21 NLT ( )

PostScript 2/2: Incidentally, I am part of a community that teaches that the ultimate purpose of wealth/money is to love and serve others. See for yourself if you fit, click this now!

Money is NOT the most important

This blog is primarily about money.

But I’ve got a shocker.

Money is not the most important thing!

But literacy about it is my advocacy because, whether we like it or not, money has huge impact in all areas of anyone’s life.

One of ate’s school assignment the other week was the life story of Leo Tolstoy. If you read his story, he came from a wealthy family but later on as his spirituality mature, he abandoned his wealth. That was perhaps the calling he discovered. Saint Francis of Assissi did that same thing. There’s nothing wrong with that. People are supposed to discover their calling to serve God best either through the “vow of poverty” or “vow of generosity.” You have the power to choose, remember your gift of free will?  Continue reading

Being in a good company

Nagkaroon tayo ng ideya sa isang post (Dark side of money) kung paano ang buhay kapag nasa bad company ka.

Ang video naman sa ibaba ay magbibigay ng paliwag kung paano nakatutulong ang isang kapaligiran (mga kaibigan halimbawa) sa matuwid na paglago.

Continue reading

Dark side of Money

The reason why I’m introducing you to money this early is for you to be good money managers with the right values as kids. Hopefully maging habit yan at madala ninyo as you become responsible adults.

Money should be earned and used for your own good and the people around you and God’s purpose. Alam n’yo na yan di ba? Ganyan ang mensahe sa “Why become rich?” kung naaalala n’yo pa.

I know it’s been a year pero dapat hindi yan makalimutan.

Especially, money has its dark side.

And it’s really unfortunate that money has its dark side.

Ipinapakita yan dito sa Discovery Channel’s documentary sa ibaba na nagkataon namang na-discover ko lang dahil sa Drug Trade investigation ng House of Representatives. Continue reading

Nakamamatay! Discipline of practice saves.

[Updated August 4, 2016] Ngayong araw, may nag-set ng world record sa pag-skydive ng walang parachute! Warning: Do not do this at home, nakamamatay!

Nangyari ito sa loob ng dalawang minuto lamang. Instant di ba? Gusto natin lahat yan. Instant fame. Madaliang achievement. Pero ang makikita lang sa video sa ibaba ay yung mismong two minutes bago marating ang accomplishment na world record.

The breathtaking drop:

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“Save” more from “Spend”?

Si Ate pala ay may savings pa rin taken from the supposed “Spend” envelop?

Confession n’ya yan while we were on #JFC ice cream and value meal date the other day – matapos makabili ng (a) ibang school supplies (world map, etc) for her school project, (b) some stuffs (small chunks of nuggets, ham and hotdog) from #PGOLD, and (c) a minimum boardlot of 10 shares of #BPI stocks for about nine hundred pesos only.

Yan ay bukod sa kanyang (allowance) savings na ipinahahawak sa akin to be deposited as her payment sa kanyang future self through her investment account.

Natuwa ako dahil mukhang nagiging habit na ang pag-save. Ito lang kasi ang tanging paraan para makapag-invest ang isang tao.

Concerned lang ako. Continue reading

Buy and Hold

Buy and Hold ang strategy na ginamit ninyo nung bilhin n’yo ang mga companies and fund/s (FMETF, etc) na nasa portfolio ninyo sa ngayon.


Ang Election ay isang investment na “buy-and-hold” ang kailangang investing style (Photo taken: St. Peregrine Laziosi Shrine – Muntinlupa City)


Sakto sa inyo ang “buy and hold” strategy dahil long-term naman ang investments ninyo. 30 years, remember? Tapos meron na ang bawat isa ng halos Php 6 Million na sakaling marating ninyo, ay ipinagdarasal ko na hindi makasira sa inyong mga pagkatao balang araw.


Katangian ng ‘buy and hold’ – Continue reading

Gaano ka kasuwerte?

Kung nakakapag-school ka at hindi kailangan maglakad ng isang oras papunta at isang oras pabalik, di ba swerte ka?

Kung may baon ka at di kailangan mag-ulam ng asin, di ba swerte rin yan?

Kung hindi ka sa kuweba kailangan tumira kasama ang mga wild animals tulad ng ahas, swerte din bang matatawag yan?

Ang nasa ibaba (press “F5” key kung wala ang video ng #KMJS) ay isa sa mga nakakalungkot na kuwentong napanood ko: Continue reading