Why be an eternal student?



Many people think that once you earn a degree by finishing college, you stop studying.

I also thought it was that way.

But after landing work after work, I would still find myself in orientations and training and refreshers year after year. Studying. Reviewing. Trying to pass exams to get good grades. It was like I didn’t finish college at all! Sometimes I find them bad; but more often, looking back now, they provided me more of the good stuff I didn’t realize I have and I can do after every learning sessions.

Stephen Covey called this “sharpening the saw” in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People materials. It is simply as simple as sharpening your pencil. You can only put your pencil to good use if you sharpen it, right? You don’t particularly feel as good and effective with your writing if you have a pudpud (un-sharpened) pencil. And you don’t want to use an un-sharpened pencil. And oftentimes, you lose that pencil.

It’s the same thing with your muscles and your brains.

You get weak when you don’t exercise (using your muscles).

You get dumb when you don’t use your brains — via learning or reading or  writing or thinking good thoughts, for example.  Continue reading


How my kid’s twenty pesos* is turning into millions?

I wanted to title this review as “My Kids invest in the Stock Market (
and why you & your kids should too?)” but I decided not; because it will just remind you of one of my favorite books “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market” written few years ago by Bo Sanchez.(get here the free eBook).

Last July 2016, as an update, one of his MAIDs already MADE her FIRST MILLION! Are you not amazed? How can someone with 7k salary set aside or make about 12k monthly to get 1M only after seven years? What the Bunso is doing can give you a clue … (read on)

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