Why I’m so hooked with money… and other whys…

After reading up to the bottom part, you should have an idea to answer the questions: (1/3)why I’m so hooked with money topics (teka. sino ba may ayaw sa pera? yung totoo, wag ka kaya plastic! 🙂  )?  (2/3)Why I introduced you to envelopes you sometimes would not want to use (sabi ng isa nawawala na daw 🙂 🙂   )? (3/3)Why you should take care of your talents/gifts and contribute them to the universe?

This video below is so far my favorite of the series of the latest of Bo’s online ministry entitled Backstage. It’s unique also because the crew is composed of just kids like you who are practicing their unique talents and gifts! (see that? you have the power to do anything! Find that talent and gifts! Usually that’s where you are good at.) 

It provides snippets of his everyday life that reminds everyone that the inspiring guy is also human just like you and me. And like him, each of us can be an inspiration to others.

Notice in the video, Ate and Bunso, the envelop system to your finances. Right now you just segregate any EARNings in just three envelopes – when you have mastered those 3 envelopes already, you can try the 7 envelopes [check 2:34]. Another important lesson here is: you USE and don’t bury your gifts and talents [see 14:00]. I don’t know the guy Bo is interviewing (Bo addresses him Ronnie) but he’s giving enormous blessings to the world through his gift of entrepreneurship!

(BACKSTAGE 007 | DON’T STOP. Organize your financial life. Know how, click this!)

Another reason I can think of why the video is among my fave is because I was first drawn to the guy when I saw him in National Bookstore talking about Money way back 2007. Guess what he’s talking about in the video above?

Prior to reading his “8 Secrets of the Truly Rich” (get it here, proceeds goes to ministries),  I would scoff at any material with a single bible verse! The moment I encounter a quote or mention of anything I think is from the good book, I drop it! “Nah, I don’t like anything that has to do with the bible,” I would say to myself. For some reason or another I was hooked to that book and continued reading it. Then something unexpected happened.

After my realization that my Maker cares about me, not only about my salvation, but in all matters of my life, and yes, including money, I decided I should know this kind of God more! And it’s been a fantastic journey so far!!

Of course, you are supposed to worship God wherever you are right now – whether you THINK right now that you are rich or you are poor. But know also that you are given a choice to live in poverty or abundance, to live in blessing and as blessing to others or not, to improve in any area of your life or not. Everyone has that power to choose (including the use of one’s ability to be wealthy) – that’s the gift of free will!

So folks, lend me your ears (or your sights and comprehension). It’s not true that this man is driving people away from God – how can you say that when the man teaches you about the tax collector’s verse Matthew 6:33? Because of his practical topics, I was actually challenged to know more about my Saviour! It’s not true that he is the instrument of the devil, or he is the devil himself. Or that he is the anti-Christ. Some people bank on “hate” as their method to contribute in expanding God’s kingdom. What they need to realize further is that God is love. God is also synonymous to mercy, compassion and diversity. So why expand through hate, insults and exclusions?

Whether you choose love or hate, you have my respect and my love.


  • I’m including below the playlist of Backstage.
  • Fulltank playlist is here.
  • If you want to be rich as a good person, be one. Join here now!

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