Money is NOT the most important

This blog is primarily about money.

But I’ve got a shocker.

Money is not the most important thing!

But literacy about it is my advocacy because, whether we like it or not, money has huge impact in all areas of anyone’s life.

One of ate’s school assignment the other week was the life story of Leo Tolstoy. If you read his story, he came from a wealthy family but later on as his spirituality mature, he abandoned his wealth. That was perhaps the calling he discovered. Saint Francis of Assissi did that same thing. There’s nothing wrong with that. People are supposed to discover their calling to serve God best either through the “vow of poverty” or “vow of generosity.” You have the power to choose, remember your gift of free will?  Continue reading


Why I’m so hooked with money… and other whys…

After reading up to the bottom part, you should have an idea to answer the questions: (1/3)why I’m so hooked with money topics (teka. sino ba may ayaw sa pera? yung totoo, wag ka kaya plastic! 🙂  )?  (2/3)Why I introduced you to envelopes you sometimes would not want to use (sabi ng isa nawawala na daw 🙂 🙂   )? (3/3)Why you should take care of your talents/gifts and contribute them to the universe?

This video below is so far my favorite of the series of the latest of Bo’s online ministry entitled Backstage. It’s unique also because the crew is composed of just kids like you who are practicing their unique talents and gifts! (see that? you have the power to do anything! Find that talent and gifts! Usually that’s where you are good at.)  Continue reading

Being in a good company

Nagkaroon tayo ng ideya sa isang post (Dark side of money) kung paano ang buhay kapag nasa bad company ka.

Ang video naman sa ibaba ay magbibigay ng paliwag kung paano nakatutulong ang isang kapaligiran (mga kaibigan halimbawa) sa matuwid na paglago.

Continue reading

Lagi magpasalamat

Dapat laging pahalagahan ito: Being grateful.

Parati magpasalamat. May pera man o wala.

Kasi nga naman kung complainer (mareklamo) ka, lalo lamang lalayo sa’yo ang grasya (blessings)! Kaya para makasigurong lalapitan ka ng blessings, alam mo na ang gagawin mo. 🙂

May kasabihan akong nabasa noon na “gratefulness leads to contentment and abundance.”

Be very blessed by watching this life-changing discussions about gratefulness and other important life values: Continue reading