Drugs and life

They don’t go together.

Oh well, “legal” drugs can extend life when used properly. But like money, if not used for good #purpose, can ruin your life. Isang halimbawa ang buhay ng noon ay sikat na si Andy Gibb. Para sa akin, he had a huge problem of money management because he threw away, some if not all of, his money on stuff that caused his self-destruction.

Andy Gibb: Our Love Don’t throw it all away. A top hit when released in 1978. Top classic hanggang ngayon dahil parati kinakanta ng mga tao sa videoke.

BeeGees: Our Love Don’t throw it all away. Andy Gibb’s brothers dedicating his famous song to him in one concert 9 years after his death due to “years of drug and alcohol abuse” and depression.

Final days of Andy Gibb Documentary (below). He had all someone could want such as fame, looks, money at a very young age (he was the youngest of the Gibb brothers) with so much going for him. But he did not find “peace and happiness” (7:18).

[Drugs and alcohol abuse had a long-term damage on Andy’s health (3:30; 5:00)]

Among of his last performances before he died in 1988:

All I have to do is dream: Andy Gibb and Victoria PRincipal:

Suddenly: Andy Gibb and Marie Osmond:

By the way, I’m a fan of Andy Gibb and his brothers (BeeGees) and this not in any way to derogate his memory and contribution to the music industry. I love their music. Just like the rest, nanghihinayang ako. Had Andy Gibb lived longer, he could have produced more having a great talent…



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