Why become rich?

Dear Ate and Bunso,

I want to be very clear why I want you to be wealthy.

[ Gusto ko maging maliwanag bakit nais ko kayong yumaman.]

For Ate: to have almost 6 Million 30 years from now. Of course if she only wants that amount. And for what? Just read on.

[ Para kay Ate: na magkaroon ng halos anim(6) na Milyon  tatlumpung taon mula ngayon. Siyempre, kung gusto n’ya lang ang ganyang halaga. At para saan? Magpatuloy lang sa pagbabasa. ]

whyinvest goals purpose


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And more than that amount for Bunso because she has the time advantage. Again, I won’t force the issue if you don’t like that much money. Now, you still remember the story of “Ping at Pong,” right? In investing, the earlier you start, the better because TIME helps compound especially the earnings. That is IF Bunso, like her Ate, demonstrates that she can also truly save 🙂 Continue reading