Why bet on the Philippines? And why you can’t be careless?

Here’s a very timely video presentation that explains why, if you’re a Filipino, you should ride through the country’s growth story not only as observer on the sideline; but more importantly as an investor.

One doesn’t need to have so much in order to invest! Can you save 20 pesos like the #2daughters? That little amount can actually turn into millions. If that blows your mind, read this! Now, if you don’t know how to save, I can tell for certain you’re highly likely to remain an observer on the sideline wondering how on earth the Philippine economy rocketed itself to the moon, when that imminent economic prosperity arrives. In fact, non-Filipinos are recognizing this and positioning themselves not to be left out.

Let me warn you though. When used alone, this idea of not being left out is the same motivation that gets people scammed. Make sure to understand what you’re getting into. I would even challenge you to validate everything that’s posted in this blog. Don’t believe me right away! That’s the right attitude before parting with your money, even if that’s just PHP 20 (pesos). In one story, someone lost a lot of money for failing to fact check  [complete story here]. Don’t copy that same story into your life, please!

What follows are additional guidelines that should protect you from trouble.

Deal only with legitimate stockbrokers. In our community that provides stock market investing guidance, our preference is the leading online stock brokerage company in the country today.

It’s not enough that the company you are dealing with has SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Registration certificate. Ask for the “secondary license” that allows them to sell investments. Aman Futures that scammed billions of pesos from thousands of Pinoys including government officials only had SEC registration! Actually even a licensed stockbroker(person) needs sponsorship of a licensed stockbrokerage firm (like Colfinancial, Bpitrade, etc.) in order for any transaction to be legal.

For your protection, only open an account with a licensed stockbrokerage firm. Like when you open a typical bank account, you deal only with the bank itself or its authorized representative.

Pay directly to the stockbrokerage firm. Of course, there should be an official receipt if you do this. For online accounts, you have an option to deposit your “consumable” initial amount/payment only after the approval of you stockbrokerage account. You will know your account has been approved upon your receipt via email of your username and password.

You would know you are being scammed if there is a guaranteed return! By law, any licensed stockbroker(person) or authorized representative of a stockbrokerage firm, is prohibited from guaranteeing stock investment returns. If you’re offered any investments (stocks or otherwise) and there’s guaranteed returns, run away as fast as you can!!

Be informed and stay updated with any of your investments. If you think the company you bought no longer serves your purpose based on your qualifications for buying them, discard them and move on. If you think you need guidance, you may join our community that advocates that “the true purpose of wealth is to serve others.”

I told you not to believe me, right? Learn more from Philippine Stocks Exchange:

Postscript 1/2: Sourced from PSE Facebook page, and Colfinancial FB page and YouTube channel.

Postscript 2/2: If you want to have financial wealth and spiritual abundance at the same time, journey with this community!


‘Wag katamaran

Gusto ko na sana manahimik matapos yung unang post kung Paano makaiwas ng scam.

Kaya lang, nabasa ko ang kuwento ng isa pang biktima.

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Akalain mo dahil lang sa hindi pag-check ng totoong figures milyon milyon ang nawala sa kanya?

A complainant…

“claimed that in March 2015, she was enticed by Peñaflor to buy stocks of ABS-CBN Corporation with a guaranteed hefty profit. She was told to open an account at Regina Capital, wherein the suspect’s company, CAP-M Consultancy Company, was allegedly connected.

“Jao was advised to buy stocks through CAP-M, so that within 12 to 15 days, she would sell the stocks with a 50%-profit. She invested P456,000 ($9,760.52) for 9,500 shares of alleged ABS-CBN stocks at P48 ($1.03) per share.

“After 12 days, Peñaflor reportedly told her that her stock was traded and earned more than P130,000 ($2,782.60). She then decided to reinvest her capital and profit with CAP-M.”

Red flags!

  • “Guaranteed” na kita – kapag may ganyang word tumakbo ka na

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