Why the heck I need to invest?!

I overheard two friends in a coffeeshop.

Question: Are you considering passive income that can sustain you when active income stops?

Answer: Yes

Then you need to invest!

I did not get this point early on. For two decades, I have been working. Spending. Working and spending. Then it came to my senses.

What if I can NO LONGER work?

Can my spending stop because I’ve got no more work?

The hard truth hit me: my spending only stops when I’m dead! When dead, I would even incur expenses for a decent funeral.

And so I realized. Sure, I must spend now. Enjoy life with my expenses right now and enjoy my salary. But I should never neglect my future self. You live only once (yolo) – both in the present and in the future.

I imagined the worst. The future self that is stamped with “unfit to work” or unfit to do any productive business!

Without (active) income, I would rely to others. I don’t like that kawawang picture of myself.

Let me tell you about my daily commute.

I use a connecting flight. Continue reading