Earthquakes can’t stop me!

I’ve had countless near-death experiences in my life.
During elementary years,  I almost drowned in a rangas (river) for not heeding to my parent’s advice not to bathe there because I didn’t know how to swim. Thanks to a friend who lifted me up for some oxygen.

Thus, in college, I took swimming lessons for my PE subjects. But I almost drowned again some years back during a company outing in Batangas due to my arrogance that I knew how to swim I could go near the floating boundary. I panicked I could no longer touch the sand. But images of #2daughters flashed before my eyes. It was such an inspiration that despite exhaustion I was able to swim back to the shore.

I learned very important lessons I carry to this day. That both ignorance and arrogance can kill you! With investing, I find these very valuable.

The most recent was yesterday. I was giving my all finishing my work to rush for an Aunt’s birthday to reunite with 2daughters but something shook my world. 

Scenes of the movie San Andreas flashed my vision because I was in a building. I’m writing this now to tell the story because I obviously survived the two minutes that seemed like forever and my last.

Everything becomes worthless during near-death events. Including your accomplishments, savings and investments, and even this blog. Instinctively, you just want to survive even in the midst of thing you have no control of.

But should I ever stop blabbering about money now as it’s worthless anyway? Stop teaching my kids about what I am learning as we journey life?


The mere purpose of this site is do just that. The articles and the attendant resources here will always reflect how I want them to grow and mature especially with their finances and life in general.  Even dying won’t stop these wishes for them.

PostScript: Investing can also shock you but it can be shock-proofed. Join the club for a life-changing experience while growing your money!


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