[Crush is natural human experience like investing. But both can be disastrous in the short-term 🙂 Enjoy both journey keeping sight of longer time horizon.Labyu!]

I’m borrowing a drawing from the bunso’s Facebook post. The comic strip has been altered for the purpose of this post.  I’m yet to see if this is her notebook or her classmate’s when I see the #kidinvestors in few days.

I’m not surprised if she knows the word crush now. Before she even learned of that word, I already discovered she had a crush on someone at a very young age.

We were watching a movie then and she asked me, “Sino s’ya daddy?” (Who’s that daddy?)

I said, “That’s Captain America na walang costume,” (… without the costume) thinking she was just trying to follow the story.

Then she commented, “Ang pogi n’ya naman!” (He’s so good-looking!)

I stared at her in disbelief without her knowledge as she was staring at the big screen with a twinkle in her eyes!

I silently exclaimed, “This kid has good taste! Having a crush on Captain America!” At that moment, admittedly, I was surprised!!

Good taste applied elsewhere

She has also good taste with choosing the right companies to invest in her 20 peso savings. Like her ate, she selects businesses she is most familiar with. For instance, Jollibee. Most of our bonding moments happen there. One summer, they had  camp sessions and were taught how to make a burger, which they eventually devoured; and assisted kitchen staffs and customers at the counters with cashiers.

Warren Buffet, the world’s greatest investor, calls this kind of  familiarity as the “circle of competence.” He explained, around this line, that in investing you don’t have to know all companies, you just need to concern yourself with few of them that you can understand and keep for a long time and you will be very rich!  His application of this  principle made him consistently among of the top billionaires in the world year in and year out.

Now, If that’s her drawing then I guess I have just found a pro-bono cartoonist for this blog who can convey personal finance and investing concept  to kids primarily Ate and Bunso(herself) as well other interested adults.

Postscript: Most people, 85%, lose their money in stock market. Get guidance here on how to safely tuck and grow your bucks!


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