Why the heck I need to invest?!

I overheard two friends in a coffeeshop.

Question: Are you considering passive income that can sustain you when active income stops?

Answer: Yes

Then you need to invest!

I did not get this point early on. For two decades, I have been working. Spending. Working and spending. Then it came to my senses.

What if I can NO LONGER work?

Can my spending stop because I’ve got no more work?

The hard truth hit me: my spending only stops when I’m dead! When dead, I would even incur expenses for a decent funeral.

And so I realized. Sure, I must spend now. Enjoy life with my expenses right now and enjoy my salary. But I should never neglect my future self. You live only once (yolo) – both in the present and in the future.

I imagined the worst. The future self that is stamped with “unfit to work” or unfit to do any productive business!

Without (active) income, I would rely to others. I don’t like that kawawang picture of myself.

Let me tell you about my daily commute.

I use a connecting flight.

First I take a bus. But the bus driver can not fly at high speed along EDSA and even Skyway because of crawling traffic that President Duterte promised to solve in six months but obviously will take longer to resolve.

Then I transfer to a jeep for another hour of journey. That’s day in and day out! In the terminal, I used to see a very old man about 70 years of age with a nylon guitar. He’s strumming this guitar absent of melody just to get your attention. Flimsy,he could not get to the jeepney steps. So he would slowly roam around the jeepney to collect whatever leftover fare is available from passengers’ pockets. Most passengers ignore him. If ever he gets to my side of the jeepney where I’m seated, there were times I could not draw from my pocket due to inconvenience caused by jam-packing the jeep.” Sampuan ho yan, usog usog lang!” (This is ten-seater, please make the seats available!) The dispatchers bark ignoring the sight of eight biggies trying to stop their breaths to make room for the last two.

(The Old Guitarist, oil on panel, by Pablo Picasso on 1903. Original in Art Institute of Chicago.)

Lately, I’ve not been seeing this old man. Is he now bedridden? Is he being cared for now by his family? Did he transfer jeepney terminal where passengers are more generous? Did he die? Those are the lingering questions I could not answer everytime I look for him to try to extend some coins habang nakapila (while lining for my seat), even before strumming his guitar for a tuneless serenade.

But there are other questions in my mind.

Was he like me before he is right now? Was he working before? Earning an income before? Did he think and prepared for his old age before? Did he realize long time ago while not yet fragile that he needs to spend for the rest of his life even without an income?

While in the first set of questions I don’t have an idea what to answer. In this last set of questions, I have some ideas what I can do right now.

I do not need to rely on promises by any politician.

I need a passive income through investment/s to sustain my expenses when my active income stops.

I need to do this now while there’s still time.

Tick tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock…


“Kung palagi ka lang maghihintay ng magandang panahon, hindi ka makakapagtanim at wala kang aanihin.” – Ang Mangangaral

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2 thoughts on “Why the heck I need to invest?!

  1. It’s made harder by the fact that investment is complicated – property may boom or bust, the sharemarket goes up and down, even banks collapse. I find the whole prospect of squirrelling away money for retirement very challenging.


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