It’s your behavior, stupid!

I don’t mean to be mean in this essay. But if this hurts you, please just forgive me.

Then thank me after especially if this knocks off some sense to you that you’re suddenly fired up with actually doing your saving and investing plan in whatever favorite asset/s you may find. [At sana lang, gagawin mo talaga 🙂 ]

Execution or “actually doing something as you intended” is the behavior part of anything you want accomplished.

Just doing it!

The daughters are not very much aware yet that with the tiny amounts they buy for specific stocks / fund right now, they are actually paying more for the cost of buying their favorite stocks; but I don’t stop them. 

The cost of buying is not problem. The problem is the inaction to save and be able to buy some investments. As pointed out in the video below by Dave Ramsey, your behavior specifically is the problem!

What’s more important to me is the habit of saving small money the #kidInvestors can afford right now; and owning, with the small money they’re saving, tiny part of real businesses that will eventually give them more money to the tune of millions!

I know that later on they will figure out on their own that they should buy a minimum 8k worth of stocks per transaction if they wish to maximize the cost of buying.

For now, I’m content with seeing the #kidInvestors doing what most adults are supposed to be doing but neglecting to do.

(Vindicated after 25 years by a Harvard Business Review reseach, Dave Ramsey says: Personal finance is more about behavior than it is about math.)

PostScript: Move yourself to action, let a life-changing crusade guide you towards financial wellness!


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