Stock market wisdom

If you are a Colfinancial client, you must have already read this from your inbox.

I find this worth sharing even for those non-clients because this founder’s letter is actually encouraging #financialLiteracy. I share their dream of helping every Filipino become rich!

People just do not realize there is a way.

I have personally envisioned to end financial poverty in my generation at least in my lineage.

If my kids can continue this legacy of transferring this wisdom to my descendants and eventually apply the same wisdom in their respective lives, then my dream would have come to fruition.

The sad thing about investing late (like I did; decades have passed before I finally acted to invest) is it’s going to take years/decades before I can show the actual results of my own investing. More often, people are amazed when you show them the actual figure by the million of pesos. So, for those who actually ask me for results first before they start investing, it will probably be too late for them when they finally start investing.

Seminars are available if you look around. They’re free for existing clients in Colfinancial. P500 is charged for non-subscribers per seminar. Either way, you have to fall in line as slots get populated easily. I don’t get paid if you attend their seminars or enroll as a fellow subscriber. (If you don’t believe me, ask another Colfinancial client).

I just get the satisfaction of helping you a step closer to your own millions.

By the way, I get further guidance from TrulyRichClub – backed by 43 years of stock market experience! It’s not only about stock market INVESTING (what companies to buy, when to lock profits, etc.). I also get free INSURANCE, I get some passive INCOME; and best of all, I get constant INSPIRATION to continue investing especially in the midst of economic turbulence. Through the club, I’m also able to help finance in my own little way the ministries for less fortunate people. If you want to experience any or all of these, join us!

Edward Lee is also the stock market mentor of TrulyRichClub of Bo Sanchez.

Let me ask you now. Why do you think it’s nice to be backed by four decades of stock market experience when you start (or especially when you’re new to or even if you are already a veteran in) investing?

Let me answer my question. Because no one has the monopoly of all the answers about the stock market. Even the veterans admit they still get jitters when markets get crazy. Better be guided with the right wisdom!


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