Lagi magpasalamat

Dapat laging pahalagahan ito: Being grateful.

Parati magpasalamat. May pera man o wala.

Kasi nga naman kung complainer (mareklamo) ka, lalo lamang lalayo sa’yo ang grasya (blessings)! Kaya para makasigurong lalapitan ka ng blessings, alam mo na ang gagawin mo. 🙂

May kasabihan akong nabasa noon na “gratefulness leads to contentment and abundance.”

Be very blessed by watching this life-changing discussions about gratefulness and other important life values:

Points for reflection:

  • Allow God to invade your world. Receive God’s love!
  • Everything is the mercy of God
  • All things work for good
  • There’s a blessing in every burden
  • Be honest with God. You can express your emotions to Him.
  • What is your image of God? Change your distorted image of God
  • God loves us even before we do any good. You are worthy of his love.
  • Who you are in God’s eyes? This will impact your destiny
  • Read the scripture
  • Any purpose or mission is big in the eyes of God! Kaya pagbutihan ang mga ginagawa.
  • Forgiveness is the start of healing. Make a decision to forgive yourself and others
  • The cure for fear is love!


It’s been almost four years! Do you still remember this mentor?


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