Three minutes and Wi-fi


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We went to BPI yesterday. It was a perfect schedule because I can go out of work just before the bank closes. And kids have no school on a weekday due to the storm… Thanks to Typhoon Lando (international name “Koppu”). But no thanks also because that same tropical depression, I just heard from the news, claimed around 30 lives before going far north of the Philippine Luzon islands.

The sched ended up just a near-perfect one. Why? We were turned down right at the door!

Reason: we were three (3) minutes late.

We need to reschedule to finalize other bank/stock brokerage account requirements.

Partly, I was to blame because I schemed too late for this event. I did not tell the kids ahead of time to prepare. Especially the eldest, she told me, was in the middle of siesta.  Another reason was her hesitation to act fast when I told her the idea.

She wanted me to just take care of these bank/brokerage stuff. [I’m suspecting she’s not yet into this investment stuff. But I’m not giving up with bombarding them at every opportunity, without irritating them, with such concepts while young.]

However, the bank needs the presence of these kids. I liked that idea. So that they can familiarize themselves how bank operates. I want them to understand how money works, right?  [ Other discussions how money works: click here ]

So there. Three(3) minutes late.

I wanted to go ballistic at the idea of wasting the rare chance to finalize the requirements. Good thing what kicked in and overpowered my emotional me was another idea that what has just happened was a real-time event I could use to push for a very important point about TIME.

That financial houses operate transactionally. Very seriously. Professionally. If it says it will close at 4:30pm, it closes at that time. No ifs and buts. If one of them becomes a doctor someday, time is of the essence. A patient might die if the doctor is late by 3 minutes. If another becomes a lawyer, she has a good chance of losing a decision by the judge if she is always late in a hearing by at least three minutes. An important business transaction with a client might go to other vendor instead because of 3 minutes tardiness in a meeting. They can’t buy or sell (trade) a stock if they transact 3 minutes after the stock market closes.

I know time personally. It will go against your odds everytime it (time) is not respected. And not a single chance of pulling it back! Well, at least I heard from them that they prefer not to be late in school. The little kid proudly told me, “di po ako late, yung service.” So I thought the service should be replaced.  I was also told the nuns would require tardy students to apologize in front of the room and the bigger kid doesn’t like it.  [ But hey, isn’t that a training too for public speaking? 🙂  ]


With what transpired, we have just postponed these kids’ odds of becoming eventually rich because that 3 minutes stalled their ability to start off buying good businesses in the country, and we will have to wait another chance where all our schedule will fit to finalize everything with BPI. Perhaps another storm from the Pacific ocean? Not a chance either, I think, with The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) holiday a month from now. I read reports that there are no classes for four days but being non-working holidays, banks are normally closed together with the PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange). I wonder if there will be some banks that will opt to open their business during those times.

But that’s no big deal. That was a learning opportunity.

That negative event did not contaminate the richness of our relationship.

So, after the bank denied us through its doors (our fault of course), we had a sumptous meal across the street, at a Jollibee fastfood resto – a company these kids want to (partly) own. That’s why that stock brokerage account is important. It’s not possible to buy good companies like Jollibee that just bought a part of US food chain in Denver, Colorado called Smashburger, without an account! I’m yet to tell them that news and the idea that when they (partly) own Jollibee, they also own Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Mang Inasal, Burger King and other hard-to-read China fast food brands as “minority” investors who jollibee smashburgerare entitled to a share of business profits (dividends). And by the way, Jollibee not only operates in the vicinity of Novaliches Bayan (there are four in that area), China and the United States but also in Vietnam, Brunei, Hongkong, Singapore, and the Middle East.

We talked about life, school, what they would like for an order, compromised whether it’s a chicken bucket or french fries for the little kid and burger steak with egg & fries for the big kid because our budget was just so much. They opted for a bucket so leftovers become pasalubong.


There’s also negotiation about wifi-laptop-desktop computer for school purposes. And it’s pushed as urgent. My position was to delay for budgetary constraints.

During my time in school at their age, these computer stuff were unheard of. And were not a “need” (keep guessing for my age).  But time has a habit of making a luxury (want) to a need, almost always. As a proof, laptop/desktop computer with wi-fi is considered a need these days for students.

So, there was kind-a-friction with that need versus what I can afford right now. If I give in, budget allocations will turn haywire. And I may no longer need to eat 3x a day while I need to go to work daily! (you now get the picture how wealthy I am because I did not start as kid investor?) Of course, I can not kill the chicken that produces the service of golden eggs!

So that negotiation is stalled for now.

I know kids don’t understand that. I’m sure someday they will; or at least when a wifi and a computer is already in their laps few months from now. As a kid before, waiting – for me – was painful. So I know they’re somehow hurt (sniff sniff)  😦  😦   😦

What If I started at their age to save and invest?

Fast forward today, since I have about 6 Millions for my funds and my budget is overflowing with extra. And I still have a paying job. And I know that what they want is a need now for school research purposes (and some facebook too for social networking and sharing of some answers for home assignments). That laptop and wifi connection will just be chicken! Can you follow the image I am drawing?

I will just probably say, “okay let’s buy right now because you need that.” Then off the CD-R King we go! Okay. Maybe Octagon shops or any cyber shops in any malls of my “majority” partner Henry Sy. LoL

But I know this gratification has to be delayed for now. There are situations like this where delaying gratification is not so good.thing to do – but that calls for separate article.

Will they find meaning to all these cackles?

If I can convince them to be constant with what I wish for them as kid investors this early, I can think as early as now that my grandkids (if ever they happen to marry later on) will have a different experience when asking their parents for some “wants-turned-by-time-as-need” in the future.

Whether they find all these activities meaningful or not largely depends, I believe, on how I teach them with what I know now about money.

I know that all noise won’t work.

May God help me especially with walking the talk.


Journey with us as we study and navigate Personal Finance and Investing. Click join button in this facebook group/forum: Parents-Kids Personal Finance and Investing Journey (Parkid-PFI)




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